"I can't sit still, so I am going to run, Win or Lose."

"We need more people who want to see our state grow and not die."


Jim Ridenour

Former Modesto Mayor Jim Ridenour will run for State Senate in the 5th District.

2003 - 2012

Served the City of Modesto as the Mayor.

Our Mission

To be open, honest and helpful while representing my friends and neighbors in the State Senate.

"Modesto Mayor Jim Ridenour to be re-elected in 2007 election."

Modesto Modesto Bee Archive | November 14, 2007


Please help our run for the State Senate. Please mail your donations to:

Jim Ridenour for Senate 2020

c/o Political Communications, Inc.

2 Civic Center Drive #4338
San Rafael, CA 94913-5703

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2 Civic Center Drive, #4338
San Rafael, CA 94913-5703